Instagram Users Will Share Multiple Photos in a Single Post

New Feature Similar to Facebook Photo Sharing

Instagram Users Can Post Multiple Photos in a Single Upload. Credit: Instagram

Instagram is looking to give users the option of sharing an album of photos in a single post. The newest feature is not available to all users but is currently being tested on the beta version of Instagram’s android app.  According to a report from Mashable, the update will allow users to select up to 10 pictures or videos to create a single post on users’ feeds.  The update will take away from the one photo post and make the app more similar to Facebook photo sharing options.  Followers and other Instagram users will be able to like individual photos within the post.

It is similar to the carousel ads used by businesses to create multi page advertisements.  The advertisement appears as one post but has several dots that indicate there are several different pages to the post.  Users can swipe through the posts to view the others photos attached.

Instagram differs from Facebook with its emphasis on a one photo post.  The new feature will challenge Instagram users’ current priority of picking one photo that they see as the strongest.    Users can use this feature to post multiple photos from a vacation or event, rather than normally picking just one to share.

The feature has not yet been confirmed whether or not it will be become a permanent option.