Why you Need to Update your Linkedin Profile

Among the major social media networks, Linkedin typically takes a back seat. However, you can often learn more about a person from their Linkedin profile than from Facebook. When used correctly, Linkedin helps public relations professionals work towards a stronger career. Here are the top reasons you should update your Linkedin profile:

First Impressionsupdate your Linkedin profile

In a digital age dominated by social media, your online profile can act as a first impression. Why risk making that first impression a bad one? Update your Linkedin profile to ensure a positive first impression. Take down that picture taken seven years ago and replace it with a professional and up-to-date photo.

Google Searches

Linkedin profiles frequently hold the first or second spot in a Google search. According to Gravitate Online, the first and second spot get 50% of clicks. If a potential employer or client Googles you, they are likely to click on your Linkedin profile. Update your Linkedin profile to include any new certifications, skills, experience and education.

Help Attract Job Offers

Many recruiters employ LinkedIn as a tool for seeking out job candidates. Even if you are not currently looking for a new job, you do not want to miss out on an opportunity because of a sub par Linkedin profile. Update your Linkedin profile to ensure recruiters are impressed by your experience.

Maintain Relationships 

Creating and fostering strong relationships are key aspects of public relations. A Linkedin connection is just another relationship. Update your Linkedin by connecting with colleagues, clients, journalists and mentors.

Improve Credibility

Credible Linkedin profiles are imperative for public relations professionals. A high-quality photo, well written job description and meaningful endorsements demonstrate that you are a professional. Avoid overused words including: creative, driven, organized and innovative. 

Whether you are an executive with 30 years experience or a college student looking for a job, Linkedin is a powerful professional tool. Finding ways to update your LinkedIn profile is an easy and effective way to stand out as a public relations professional.



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