YouTube as a Business Platform

YouTube is an up and coming social media channel that can help businesses to reach a larger audience. If used properly one could use YouTube as a business platform. Not only does YouTube have the ability to create a celebrity, but it allows businesses to share and interact with consumers.

YouTube as a business platform gives companies a chance to be seen by (current clients and potential clients) millions of people daily. Eric Bandholz wrote, “your customers are likely on YouTube and they are likely spending a lot of time there. YouTube is ranked second in two very important lists: social network size (behind Facebook) and search engine size (behind Google)”( The article discusses the relevancy of YouTube and by getting your business on YouTube you will be able to broaden your reach and increase your chance of brand loyalty. The bigger your YouTube presence grows, the bigger your company grows, thus making YouTube as a business platform ideal for everyday businesses.

YouTube as a Business Platform

With SEO built into YouTube, and it being the most popular video sharing platform it makes sense why one would see YouTube as a business platform. As MavSocial explains, YouTube allows consumers to follow channels and for businesses to interact with consumers through comments. “YouTube is owned by Google so often gets ranked in search results… YouTube if completely FREE (unlimited hosting, bandwidth)… You can earn money through their TrueView Advertising program… The already huge community can take your video to new heights” ( YouTube is easy to use, cheap and has a large audience making it a smart social media platform for businesses to use.

Based off what my findings it is clear YouTube as a business platform can help a company create a following and community. The social media platform is easy to use and can help a business find new clients while keeping the old. To keep current, businesses must stay up to date with social media platforms and YouTube is one of those they must start using.

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