The Most Influential Google Adwords Metrics

A key aspect to executing a successful Google Adwords campaign is analyzing metrics. Google Adwords has such a large number of metrics that it can often be overwhelming.   Looking at these metrics determines if the ad campaign reaches marketing goals and ways to improve. These are the most influential Google Adwords metrics to determine campaign success.

 Click Through Rate (CTR)influential Google Adwords metrics

CTR compares how often the advertisement is shown versus how often viewers click on the advertisement. This ratio illuminates how relevant the advertisement is to viewers. A low CTR tells marketers if keywords or ad copy needs to be improved. CTR also acts as the top determiner for quality score.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate shows the number of people who clicked on the ad and completed the conversion or desired action. The desired action can include making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter or signing up for a service. Strong conversion rates illuminate a good return on investment.

Cost per Conversion (CPC)

Determined by the conversion rate, CPC is the amount paid for an advertisement. The lower the cost per conversion the higher the return on investment. If the cost of the conversation is more than the customer worth this is a failed campaign.


The clicks metric measures the total number of clicks an advertisement recieves. This influential Google Adwrods metric illuminates the number of people brought to the website through the advertisement. Low volume of conversions but a high volume of clicks tells marketers that the landing page content does not match the views expecations. One way to fix this problem is by altering the ad or the landing page so that they are more acurately alligned.

Wasted Spend

Wasted spend is how much money spent on clicks that do not lead to conversions. Intelligent manipulation of negative keywords reduces wasted spend. Negative keywords screen searchers who are unlikely to complete conversions.

Effectively monitoring these influential Google Adwords metrics saves time and money. Ultimately specific and overarching goals of the ad campaign indicate the strength of the strength of the Google Adwords campaign.

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