Why Millennials Read theSkimm Newsletter

In 2012, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg co-founded the Skimm. Targeted at millennial women, the daily Skimm newsletter summarizes the top news stories in a few hundred words. The Skimm is known for its casual tone and wide millennial reach. So, why are so many millennial women reading theSkimm newsletter? Here are the top reasons why so many millennials read theSkimm newsletter.

Why Millennials Read theSkimm newsletterDelivered Directly to Email

Monday through Friday at 6am, over 5 million subscribers receive theSkimm newsletter directly into their inbox. Zakin and Weisberg designed theSkimm daily newsletter to seamlessly fit into millennial morning routines. Zakin and Weisberg explain, “We know our audience wakes up, grabs their phones, and checks email from friends and family. With the Daily Skimm, we recognized that email could be a powerful marketing tool to reach this demographic within an existing routine.”

Language and Tone

Additionally, theSkimm newsletter engages millennial women through simple and conversational tone. As a result, this writing style is why millennials read theSkimm newsletter.  “Conversational tone is attractive, down-to-earth and way less intimidating than articles you’d find in a newspaper, ” says Eve Mayer, CMO of Splash Media. 

Quick to Read

Next, theSkimm newsletter typically contains seven or eight new stories. Due to busy schedules and short attention spans, millennial women do not have a lot of time to read the news. theSkimm newsletter offers millennial women a quick and easy way to stay up to date on relevant issues and events.


Finally, theSkimm newsletter goes beyond summarizing current events. The newsletter explains relevant issues and events without using advanced jargon. This format allows readers to quickly gain a genuine understanding of current events. theSkimm newsletter ultimately offers millennial women an avenue to learn about current events and issues in a simple and engaging way.

With the help of theSkimm newsletter, millennials no longer need to be an expert in politics, finance or current events to speak intelligently on these topics.


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