140 Character Limit Update on Twitter

Twitter Update Gives Users More Room for 140 Character Limit

Twitter permits users to share their thoughts within a 140 character limit, but new a Twitter update gives users more room for their words in their 140 character tweets. Twitter announced that @usernames written in a tweet will no longer count towards the 140 character limit.

Before the update, users tagged @usernames within a tweet to reply to another user. The @usernames used counted towards the 140 character limit. This limited how much more a user could say in their reply tweet. Using multiple @usernames used a significant amount of characters in group conversations.

@usernames in a reply message counted as characters in the 140 character limit. PC: twitter.com

Updates Eases Character Count

With the update, users are able to include more words in their 140 character limit tweet. The update simplifies the presentation of the reply tweet, while also making it easier for users to read conversation threads. The @usernames at the beginning of a tweet were distracting. Users will be able to read the twitter thread by clicking on “Replying to…” and can then view the tweets involved in the conversation.

Conversations easier to follow with new character update. PC: twitter.com

With the 140 character update, the username of who you are replying to will appear above the tweet. @Usernames are no longer involved in the post themselves, therefore creating more room for 140 characters.

PC: twitter.com

Twitter users can view the conversation thread by clicking on “Replying to…”.

PC: twitter.com

The character update allows people involved in group discussions to use all 140 characters in their tweets. They are not wasting characters on tagging multiple @usernames involved in a tweet.

Twitter says they are working to make conversations between twitter users easier. The hope twitter users will engage in conversations more than before. The update is available on twitter.com, Twitter for iOS,  and Android.