Drones Increase Social Good in 6 Amazing Ways

Drones’ ability to increase social good in this world occurs only when individuals use the advanced technology in an ethically responsible manner. Drones help aid organizations, scientists, and everyday citizens transform the act of doing good.

Drawbacks Vs. Social Good

In the past, the use of drones has had drawbacks and has not been seen as a way to increase social good. Problems of privacy, ethics, and cost have all created concerns. From edible drones delivering lifesaving assistance to rural communities to quadcopters tracking illegal logging in rainforests, here are a few ways people used drones for social good.

Social Good Scenarios

Drones increase social good by aiding disaster relief efforts. They’ve identified areas of need in the Philipines following typhoons. They’ve documented the aftermath of earthquakes such as the Nepal earthquake in 2015. Most recently created is a drone providing both food and shelter to individuals in distress. This drone, known as the Pouncer, has wings packed with food as well as the ability to unfold into a tent for protection. Read more here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/05/07/nepal-earthquake-drones_n_7232764.html

Drones help animal scientists and researchers make strides in their fields by simply providing views they have never seen before. Ecologists use drones to increase social good by locating and identifying endangered animals as well as count endangered species.

Drones also increase social good by helping reduce poaching and curb wildlife crime. Poachers often break into wildlife parks to hunt zebras and rhinos. Drones now catch these poachers and in turn, have reduced the wildlife crime rate.

Drones have helped catch many illegal loggers that damage and destroy rainforests. In the past, it has been difficult to catch these individuals due to their rural locations in the middle of forests. Enter drones and rainforests are now more thoroughly protected, hence, increasing the public good.

Medical emergencies in very rural areas are now often handled by drones. Last year, Lung Biotechnology PBC acquired helped deliver organs to patients in need in the outback of Australia. This drone, known as the Angel Drone can safely deliver blood and organs to rural areas of the world.

A drone created by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China created a drone tied to a gliding parachute. This drone is equipped with chemicals that cut through the smog and reduce air pollution in China. This is China doing their part in utilizing drones to increase public good.

Useful Tools for Increasing Social Good

Drones ability to reach locations and see things that the human eye can’t is a very useful tool. Their ability to connect the developing world to rural areas as well as watch locations that no human can monitor is unmatchable and researchers continue to search for ways to utilize drones in the future. Learn more about the utilization of drones for social good here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/witness/can-drones-be-used-for-so_b_4220360.html