Snapchat: The New Marketing Tool

Snapchat—known as the outlet for selfies, embarrassing photos and immediate pixel updates of your day—can now add a new title to its skill set, marketing, Companies from the fashion, beauty, and food world have been the first to increase their presence across social media platforms by using Snapchat as a marketing tool. Say goodbye to commercials and print advertisements, you will now be getting your news in ten seconds or less.

Collection Debuts on Snapchat 

Image via Mashable

Image via Mashable

The most recent company to join the snapping world is popular cosmetics brand, Nars’. Nars’ debuted their upcoming collaboration with Guy Bourdin to their Snapchat friends this September. Fahsion designer Rebecca Minkoff also used Snapchat to debut her newest collection. For her Spring 2014 collection Minkoff gave her Snapchat friends an exclusive ten-second look at the collection before it went down the runway at NYFW. Nars’ and Minkoff both used Snapchat to market and connect with their audience in a new and unique way; just don’t blink or you will miss it.

Giveaways on Snapchat

The New York frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles may have been the first company to use Snapchat as a marketing tool. In January 2013 the company promoted snapping photos of users and their friends enjoying a sample of 16 Handles. In return for the customers snap they received a coupon for their purchase; ranging from 16-100% off their purchase and in true snapping fashion the cashier had ten seconds to scan the coupon. 16 Handles used the social platform to not only create an interaction with their customers but also provide feedback.

Snapchat: The New Marketing Tool

Numerous companies have already tapped into Snapchat as a new tool and with the recent addition of stories, a 24-hour snap that can last up to 30 seconds the possibilities are endless. To read more about companies using Snapchat click the links below.

Taco Bell on Snapchat

Lily Pulitzer on Snapchat 

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