The Benefits Live Streaming on Instagram

As we¬†know by now Snapchat has developed into much more than just a photo-sharing application. Now, users can upload stories (similar to Snapchat stories) and live streaming which has become a pretty big deal, especially for famous musicians, actors, and bloggers. People tend to forget that live streaming can be tactically used by companies looking as a new way to brand their products. Using Instagram’s live stream allows companies to connect with their target market by making a more personable experience. Ultimately, once the importance of live streaming is understood, brands can effectively use this new feature as a great marketing tool.

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A Guide To Ad Blockers

Each time you get on the Internet you immediately lose privacy. Luckily, all web browsers allow a number of different ad blocker extensions that have been created to help with this problem. An ad blocker is a software that, as its name implies, prevents advertisements and third-party scripts and widgets from popping up on a page. Ad blockers are to protect privacy, protect your computer from malware, save bandwidth and provide a better user experience, which is why they have become more widely used. Among the tons of ad blockers being used, there are some that stand out more than other. There are two ad blockers that people rely on and those are Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin. Below I will explain both of the ad blockers and what, specifically, they do.

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Using Snapchat as a Marketing Tool

As Snapchat has continued to develop as an application so have the uses for it. Now, it is being used to help market businesses and companies in many different ways. Not only is Snapchat widely used, it helps businesses engage with followers and increase brand visibility. Here are four effective ways businesses can use Snapchat as a marketing tool.

One of the best ways to do this is by offering discounts and coupons to followers. Since Snapchats only last 24 hours this makes discounts very exclusive. Businesses can do this by making Snapchat stories that include promo codes. Ultimately, this will (most likely) increase customers and followers on Snapchat because who doesn’t love a great deal.

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