Problems with the iPhone facial recognition feature have surfaced for iPhone X users.

People have been buzzing for months over the release of the iPhone X. The phone’s sleek new design complete with infinity screen got people talking. Then the lack of a home button begged the question, how does one unlock the phone? The answer: facial recognition. iPhone facial recognition is by far the biggest and most talked about new feature of the iPhone X. Continue reading

The NFL Will Be Dishing Out Six Second Ads for Thanksgiving Dinner.

six-second adsThanksgiving Day is for family, food, and football. Every year millions of fans tune into Fox Sports to watch football during Thanksgiving festivities. This year, however, fans will see a new type of commercial: six-second ads. Six-second ads will take over the TV screen while the game moves to a small screen on the side. This way viewers will still be able to watch the game as they also view advertisements. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence and Programmatic TV Advertising Could Save TV Ads.

Artifical intelligence has changed the world. AI is a part of smartphones, computers, and now, television. AI has also been a big part of the advertising world. Web pages and social media sites are full of personalized advertisements tailored to users through the use of AI. Television seems to be falling behind the curve, but programmatic TV advertising may change that. Continue reading

Snapchat Context Cards Provide Users With More Access than Ever Before

Snapchat is rolling out a new feature called ‘Context Cards.’ Snapchat Context Cards are a new way to find more information about any snap that users share. The Context Cards will include information like restaurant reviews, reservations, and business contact information. The new feature will also assist with hailing Ubers and Lyfts as part of the update. Continue reading

Twitter Doubled the Character Limit to 280 Characters and Users have Mixed Emotions.

Since Twitter’s founding, brevity has been of paramount importance to the company. But now that Twitter doubled the character limit from 140 to 280 characters, tweets are about to get big. The social media platform released a statement explaining that Twitter doubled the character limit to give users more room to express themselves. Continue reading

Snapchat Struggles with Female Influencers while Instagram Dominates

Since the initial lunch of Snapchat in 2011, the social media platform has seen unbelievable growth and success. Snapchats main user base extends from kids aged 12 to adults age 24 with the most active users falling into the 18-24 range. While they have managed to please most millennials, Snapchat struggles with Female Influencers.

The photo sharing platform platform has proved to be a success, but Snapchat struggles with female influencers most among target market.

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Instagram Video Engagement is Rising Rapidly

When the social media platform launched the new video feature in June of 2013, Instagram-ers everywhere went nuts. Instagram video engagement began rising immediately with the ability to share ten second micro-videos. This innovative feature, and quickly became fully  integrated into the Instagram culture of not only regular users, but also to huge publishers.

Publishers take note as Instagram Video engagement rises and their businesses benefit.

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