Public Relations Nightmare: The Recent United Airlines Fiasco

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past week, there’s almost no way you haven’t heard or read about the recent United Airlines disaster where a passenger was physically dragged off the aircraft. From a PR standpoint, the entire situation is an example of exactly what not to do; thanks to the Internet, the whole thing spiraled into a public relations nightmare within no time. Here’s what happened, and how it should have been handled.

public relations nightmare

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The Spread of Fake News Stories on Social Media, Specifically Facebook

Did a news story about President Obama banning the Pledge of Allegiance ever pop up on your Facebook news feed? Or, how about one where a woman defecated on her boss’s desk after winning the lottery? As you may have guessed, both of these stories are very, very fake. Fake news stories on social media has recently become a large problem, especially for Facebook users.

Two out of three US adults say that fake news causes them confusion. Most fake news is shared on social media. Considering two out of three US Americans get their news from social media, this is a concerning issue.

fake news stories on social media

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Helping Brands Connect with Consumers: the Benefits of Snapchat

Selfies of teenagers with the infamous flower crown filter undoubtedly come to mind when many people think of Snapchat. What doesn’t come to mind as often, however, are the practical applications that Snapchat poses for brands. While it’s easy to write the app off as a silly social media app, it’s actually proven itself to be an effective platform to help brands connect with consumers.

Companies can reach consumers in several different ways via Snapchat. Brands can create their own profile, sponsor filters, or even design a geotag. It’s an excellent way for a brand to let its personality shine through. It’s also highly personalized and engaging. Furthermore, the quirky platform humanizes a brand and can make it more relatable.

brands connect with consumers

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How to Take Professional Food Photos on Instagram

It’s Friday night and you’re eating out with friends. The waiter sets a picture-perfect plate of pasta in front of you. It’s drool-worthy and definitely needs to be posted to your “food-stagram” ASAP. But, when you snap a picture of your plate, it doesn’t look nearly as good as it does in real life. You wonder how to achieve that professional food photo that’s worthy enough to Instagam.

Our social media feeds are flooded with so-called “food porn.” However, the camera doesn’t always do our meals justice. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your food look as appetizing as it tastes, look no farther. Here are a few tips to help you take professional food photos.

professional food photos

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How to Become a More (P)inspired Pinner

Whether you’re wondering what you should cook for dinner, looking for a new workout, or searching for some fashbecome a professional pinnerion advice, Pinterest is your go-to site for any sort of inspiration- or shall we say, Pinspiration. Whatever you’re looking for, you can likely find it on this social media platform. There are, however, some useful hints and organizational tips to put some method into your pinning-induced madness; you can easily learn how to become a professional pinner.

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5 Simple Steps to Create a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is the Facebook of the professional world. If you have, had, or are currently looking for a job, chances are you also have (or should have) a LinkedIn profile. Created in 2002, LinkedIn is the go-to social media site to forge connections in the business world. It lets users promote themselves as well as search for other professionals online. With 467 million users, however, there are some tips that everyone can (and should) follow for creating a successful LinkedIn profile.

creating successful linkedin profiles

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Tips for Maximizing Facebook “Likes”

“Likes” are the most valuable form of currency on Facebook. A like is equivalent to an online “I agree”—a vote of popularity, a virtual affirmation from your audience. But, simply publishing a post or a picture doesn’t guarantee that the likes will come rolling in. There’s strategy behind maximizing Facebook likes, and all it takes is a little bit of time and effort.maximize facebook likes

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Staying Professional on Social Media: Do’s and Dont’s

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