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Twitter Made Character Length Changes

On September 26, Twitter decided that a select group of users would have the ability to publish tweets up to 280 characters long (double the standard 140). As soon as the news was out that Twitter made character length changes, the Twitter-verse almost broke as millions of users tweeted their confusion, rage, and sarcasm towards the new update.  Continue reading

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Vulfpeck and Social Media

It All Starts With a Name

Vulfpeck and social media are bringing an entirely different element to digital marketing and branding. Band leader, Jack Stratton, formed the band after throwing the concept out to a friend that was “inspired by the rhythm sections from the golden age of recording,” (think The Swampers) Jack said in a June 2016 interview. Jack planned out the name Vulfpeck due to the positive result it would create for their SEO. He knew that it was a unique phrase that no one else was searching and they have capitalized on that and much more in social media.  Continue reading

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Failing ESPN Continues to Tank

url.pngFailing ESPN continues to tank as anchor, Jemele Hill, keeps her job in the midst of a Twitter scandal. Why is Hill’s job in question? The tweet, which has since been removed, claimed that President Donald Trump was a, “white supremacist,” and that his cabinet (which features a black man, an Indian woman, an Asian woman, and multiple Jewish people) was, “largely…white supremacists.” Continue reading

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