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Amazon Echo: Making Your Life Easier

Ever thought of hiring a personal assistant because you simply cannot juggle meetings, briefings, projects, drooling kids and remembering to buy milk and paper towels? Alexa inside of the Amazon Echo is here to save your sanity.

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Amazon Smartphone

Amazon Smartphone

Amazon Logo

Amazon Logo

Amazon has plans to announce an Amazon smartphone in June, that will be shipped out by the end of September.

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Is Cord Cutting the New Trend?

As Amazon joins the game of Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast with Amazon Fire TV, communications professionals are beginning to see a pattern of people leaving behind their traditional cable TV’s and cord cutting being the new trend.

Amazon Fire TV was released Wednesday, April 2nd allowing them to compete in the market with Apple, Google and Roku. It costs $99 and will stream Netflix, Amazon Instant (of course), Hulu Plus, A graph that illustrates the rise of cord cuttingShowtime Anytime, Crackle and Vimeo, and more to be named. Apple TV is probably the primary competition, with name recognition, although Google’s Chromecast is offered for just $35 and with a dead simple operation. Roku remains a competitor, and don’t forget about game consoles: In 2013, the PlayStation 3 was the No. 1 connected television platform for Netflix streaming, with the Xbox 360 not far behind.

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Amazon Fire TV Lights Up the Streaming World

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon, the company famous for bringing us Kindle, fanned the flames by introducing Amazon Fire TV on Wednesday. According to the company’s press release, much like Kindle revolutionized the way people read, Fire TV will revolutionize the way people watch television.

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Spritz: The newest reading app to make you smarter

It looks like our smart phones are promising to make us smarter now. The release of the new reading app, Spritz, is delivering on those promises. Spritz allows readers to read each word individually, at speeds from 200 to 2,000 words per minute.

The new Spritz reading app

The new Spritz reading app

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You’ve Got Mail: Amazon’s Sunday Delivery

It’s officially the holiday season, which can only mean one thing: shopping. Online shopping is as popular as ever for the holiday’s, allowing customers to forego the busy mall and shop from the comfort of home. However, online shopping leads to days (and sometimes weeks) of waiting for packages. One online retailer is combating this online shopping myth, Amazon. Already known for their prime service two-day shipping, they recently introduced Amazon’s Sunday Delivery.

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Can Amazon’s Alpha House Compete with Netflix?

Alpha House

Last Friday, Amazon’s original series “Alpha House,” a political comedy, debuted to Amazon customers. While some users may think that Amazon’s original series will be available to binge watch like Netflix series Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, “Alpha House” will be aired weekly.

By posting new episodes of “Alpha House” weekly, Amazon hopes that gossip about the show will carry on longer than the buzz surrounding shows on Netflix that can be watching in a few days.

Although Amazon hopes that it’s original series will be talked about over a period of time, the buzz that revolves around the show will depend on the success of the show itself. If the show is not popular among viewers, Amazon potentially runs of the risk of talk about “Alpha House” dying out rather than spreading.

Amazon’s original series can be viewed by not only Amazon subscribers, but by all customers with a free trial as Amazon has found that free trial Prime memberships often turn into paid subscribers.

With there only being 11 to 12 million Amazon Prime members compared to there being 43 million Netflix members, do you think Amazon’s original series will compete with Netflix’s original series? What are your thoughts on binge watching versus anxiously waiting the suspense of next week’s episode?


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The New TV Model as an Opportunity for Media Professionals

The big change that traditional television and cable are experimenting equals opportunity for you.

Netflix’s 14 Emmy nominations, and NBC.com with 3 for original programming (separate from NBC network) –how these among other cultural changes affect you as a young professional involved in media, marketing, technology, law, etc.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

IPTV Internet Protocol Television applications

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Impact of the New Internet Sales Tax on Small Business

sales tax image

On Monday night, the Senate passed a bill which aims to make it easier for states to collect sales taxes for purchases made online. Although this may be beneficial for state governments, small online retailers are beginning to worry about the bill’s potentially large impact on their business.

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