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The New TV Model as an Opportunity for Media Professionals

The big change that traditional television and cable are experimenting equals opportunity for you.

Netflix’s 14 Emmy nominations, and NBC.com with 3 for original programming (separate from NBC network) –how these among other cultural changes affect you as a young professional involved in media, marketing, technology, law, etc.

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

IPTV Internet Protocol Television applications

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Launch.it: The largest searchable database for everything new

Launch.it is a user-friendly, free social-networking platform that acts as a newsroom and allows individuals to share and discover new products and services the moment they are introduced.

Launch.it provides many advantages to both businesses and consumers as it seeks to create a more socially engaged, better informed, and smarter community.

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Be your own PR Mixologist

Since I have talked a lot about Public Relations; I thought I would share 5 New Technologies that can help your own PR mix by making it more interesting. The article that taught me all these amazing tips was called “5 New Technologies to Spice Up Your PR Mix” by Christopher Bennett found on PR News Online. Continue reading

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Using Tumblr As A Social Media Platform

Tumblr is a site that lets users post and customize anything and everything that they find inspirational or interesting.  More companies have started branching out and using Tumblr as a social media platform to engage potential customers and showcase company creativity.

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The “Gaga Brand”

It was only a few years ago when Lady Gaga began building a reputation around the world. Inspired by the influences of stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga is a flamboyant and diverse performer who now is idolized by millions of loyal fans. What has made her so successful though? The Gaga brand.

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