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Instagram Updates Once Again with New ‘Poll’ Feature

The only thing that remains constant about social media, is the fact that it is constantly changing. Last month it was Snapchat next week it could be Facebook, but this week it is Instagram. Instagram has updated its features by adding a poll aspect to its Stories.

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What do we want? HBO. When do we want it? Now.

HBO used to be one of the most exclusive streaming sites, only allowing its users to stream online if their provider included it as a channel or they paid extra for it. Earlier this year, our prayers were finally answered, in the forms of the new HBO Go and Now options.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Video Advertising

facebook video advertising

On Wednesday morning Facebook announced plans to unleash new video technology. New features include automatic audio play for videos and a feature that pulls videos to the sidebar as users scroll through their timelines. These changes restructure the way Facebook video advertising is crafted in a number of ways.  Continue reading

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Microsoft Office for iPad is Here

Microsoft Office for iPad is officially here, just four years short of the 2010 iPad release. Microsoft Office for iPad

According to a press release from Microsoft yesterday, the company will now be offering free mobile apps for both the Android and iPhone, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite, “a comprehensive set of cloud services.” However, the most notable of these offerings is the announcement of Microsoft Office for iPad.  Continue reading


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BitCoin Bonanza

New Money

With the recent buzz about the shutdown of the Silk Road, BitCoin, the currency used for these illegal dealings have been the center of attention. But what exactly is it? With everything going digital and more online stories accepting this new form of money, this online currency could be the new money of the future. It forms its own market place and is free of any government regulation. So will it work?

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Medium: A New Medium

FocusIf you’re stressed out by the WordPress interface then Medium might be for you. Twitter and Blogger creators Ev Williams created a new platform of blogging called Medium. Unlike other blogging sites, Medium is less complicated and focuses solely on writing. It is created for easy reading and work – it adjusts to mobile devices and is a great platform for collaborative blogging.

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