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Skinny Minnie: Not-So-Pretty

Kate Moss once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” This quote was one of the most popular memes of 2016. Young girls and women alike have posted and retweeted this as “fitness” inspiration. Unfortunately, this quote is not the only form of unwarranted, unhealthy physical propaganda; especially within the social media sphere. Continue reading

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Twitter Campaigning: Social Media in the 2016 Presidential Election

Presidential campaigns spend millions of dollars each year on radio and television ads, but for the 2016 election this money is a waste. Presidential Candidates must look to social media for rankings, free advertisement, analyticVoter pin with the words"every tweet counts".s, fundraising, public feedback and opinion, engage with young voters, and immediate response to controversy.

More voters are receiving their news from social media and the 2016 presidential candidates are taking advantage of this medium. Social media is a tool for campaigns to reach out to Millennials and gain momentum in the polls and recognition in the news. Twitter has become imperative for candidates to use to gain the public eye and attention of potential voters.

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6 Essential Viral Marketing Tips

Want your online marketing campaign to go viral? Follow these 6 essential steps!

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A New Way to Customize Your Wardrobe

A True One of a Kind

Moda Operandi, the online designer trunk show site founded by Icelandic fashion investor Aslaug Magnusdottir, revolutionized the way luxury clothes are sold. The site allows customers to buy designer looks straight from the runway following their debuts at various fashion weeks before it is even been produced. Now, Ms. Magnusdottier has another venture up her couture- clad sleeve.  Continue reading

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Is Shopping Online the Safest Way?


Online ShoppingSitting in class each day, I easily see over twenty people, mostly girls, scrolling through different online shopping websites. I always wonder if they are actually buying things, or just browsing to pass the time. This unremitting search seems to have become an addiction, and whether people are buying items or not, this habit serves as a major advertising mechanism, as well as a means for companies to compile information about these personal shopping habits for later use.

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A New Dropbox for Business!

Dropbox for Business

Dropbox over the years has proven to be an amazing and effortless website that was created for storing files and a place to share between friends and colleges. The number of satisfied followers has grown to over 200 million happy Dropboxers and now the company is trying to aim to create a Dropbox for Business. Continue reading

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BitCoin Bonanza

New Money

With the recent buzz about the shutdown of the Silk Road, BitCoin, the currency used for these illegal dealings have been the center of attention. But what exactly is it? With everything going digital and more online stories accepting this new form of money, this online currency could be the new money of the future. It forms its own market place and is free of any government regulation. So will it work?

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You’re Never Too Old to Learn

Just because you didn’t grow up with social media, doesn’t mean it is too late to learn. If you are above the age of 20, it is more than likely that your parents didn’t grow up using the social media tools that we use today. This is about to change for them.
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Twitter For Dummies

I thought I would provide a little insight on how to use Twitter. Twitter is becoming extremely popular and is growing rapidly but there are still plenty of people who don’t know how to use it. Even though I consider myself fairly technologically savy, when I first got a Twitter I had no idea how to use it. There’s a hashtag (#) and (@) sign, what could they possibly mean? I did not understand why someone would say a phrase with a hashtag preceding it. There was no direction manual for me to look at. After a while of using Twitter I was able to finally figure it out.

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