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Why do teens LOVE to use Snapchat?

Why teens use SnapchatIt’s no surprise teenagers love to use social media, they were basically born into it. But what differentiates the channels? Most people know that teens Facebook usage is declining. Piper Jaffray Companies recently completed its 32nd semi-annual “Taking Stock With Teens” research survey. This survey highlights spending trends and brand preferences amongst 10,000 teens across 46 U.S. states.

In this study, Piper Jaffray discovered that Snapchat is quickly surpassing competing channels and cutting into Facebook’s usage. Snapchat is becoming THE preferred social network for teens.

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Facebook Privacy Settings Allow Teens to Publicly Post

A new change in Facebook privacy settings now allow teens to publically share their Facebook posts. While teens will have the option to allow public access to their posts, Facebook will automatically have their default setting be set to share with friends only.

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