Google Glasses: Are they the future?

Wearable Technology


According to multiple sources, the new upcoming trend of 2014 is “wearable technology.”

The first piece of wearable technology that pops into my head is Google Glass.


Now I am very innovative and like to have the newest, biggest, baddest piece of technology as soon as it is launched, but for some reason Google Glass never sparked my interest. (By the way, yes I am one of those people who camps out the night before major technology launch days…) Often I wonder though, what makes people want to put a pair of glasses on their face to do basic things you can already do using other technology? Or maybe it is just the fact I do not want to appear as a total nerd to society!!




Even though I do not want to own a pair of my own Google Glasses, I would like to try them! Unfortunately I have yet to come across a friend who has a pair for me to borrow for a day.




So for the people who do not know too much about

Google Glass here is a basic overview of how it works…

TECH: Google Glass augmented reality computer

The real question is, are google glasses really the future of what I am going to wear on my face? In my opinion, I really do not picture myself walking around all day with them on. Of course there are some amazing positives that come out of Google Glasses, such as always being hands-free! It would be really nice not having to take out your phone to take a picture, but instead just saying, “Take photo.” Then again though, there I am talking to myself out in public…  now is that really socially acceptable yet? Hm…

Here are 10 things to know you should know about Google Glasses that might help you realize their usefulness! Then you can form your own opinion about the product.

But for some reason I just can’t get past the concept of Google Glasses, but maybe when they take off like in 2014 like predicted, I will find myself scrambling for $1500 and signing up on the “waiting list” to be selected by Google!