What it means to be a good communicator?

Even for those who have been in the Communication field for a while it is important to keep in mind what being a communicator entails. It is also important to recognize the impact technology has had on the way communications is delivered nowadays.

To be a communicator certain characteristics are needed such as being accurate with the facts, authentic and honest in one’s work, independent, skeptical, curious, a good listener, persistent, courageous, and passionate in order to gain credibility in ones work.

Communication is the basis for everything. It is essential to every aspect in life. Good communication skills are required to go far in life, most jobs require that people be good communicators.

Written skills are one of the most important skills for a good communicator should adopt. With strong written skills one will go far in this field since many communicators these days work as free-lancers for PR companies or have their own blog.

The way people communicate has changed during the past couple years. This is due to the invention of new technologies and new means of communication such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  and Blogs. People these days want to be updated about the latest happenings right when they occur. Social media tools facilitate this demand of being informed.

These changes have made it a propitious time to start a Communication career, since social media makes news and current events more accessible to people.  Nowadays everyone can be a communicator.

A  good communicator also has to be well educated and prepared about the topic that is going to be communicated. The communicator should grasp and have substantial understanding of the topic presented. In order to give an accurate report to the reader the communicator should be an expert of the topic. And if that is not the case the communicator should research, and understand the topic in order to communicate it with clarity. With the spike of social media more people are becoming communicators by sharing their ideals or views in their social media outlets or blogs. People blog about their topics of interest or a topic they dominate such as politics, traveling tips etc.

Many people argue that the journalism/communication field is dying; however, there is still a high demand for information and news. The truth is that Journalism is not a dying field but a changing field and it is changing because of technology.  The demand for newspapers has diminished, however the newspapers business is not dying because there is still a demand for print news. What might happen is that newspapers instead of being daily might be weekly or monthly but they would not completely disappear for a while.

Due to these changes brought up by technology, media outlets readers and the targets have changed, the readers of online news most of the times are not the same that read newspapers. Nowadays, news are concise direct and to the point, and are being constantly updated in the news website, on the twitter or Facebook account.