Successful Event Planning

How To Get Your Event Out There!

In order to plan a great party or event, you need to use public relations. How else are you going to get the word out there? Today, more than ever, you need to reach your target audience and the best way to reach them is through social media.

Amongst my close group of friends, we take full advantage of social media outlet, Facebook. My friends and I are constantly making Facebook groups or events to announce birthday dinners and other celebrations that we want each other to attend. Also, Facebook gives you the ability to filter between certain people and networks or invite the public to these groups or events.

Another way to reach your desired audience is twitter. Who doesn’t listen to Kim Kardashian say I’m going to be at this place this time? Although she is a celebrity, you don’t have to be in order for people to read your tweets. As long as you make them sound appealing and have people following you then your on your way to having another name added to your invite or VIP list. Many of you are probably wondering what you say to make your event sound intriguing. I like using a few cool hashtags. For instance, hashtag a cool person, venue, beverage, gift bag, etc., but never lie to your audience. If you lie, good luck with the next party or event you plan on hosting.

Other social media channels that are beneficial for event planning are Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram, because most of my friends can’t escape their Pinterest or Instagram. People love to see what is going on in the world through these easy, interesting and fast free-flowing sources (channels) of information. I encourage everyone that is planning an event or party to take full advantage of these social media outlets, but that is of course after you plan the logistics of the party itself. Stay tuned for advice on these logistics.