Selfies in the Business World

Snapchat, a leading social media force in our society, has transformed from a social platform to a news source. Selfies in the business world are a new way for companies to get their brand and message out there in an entertaining way. Snapchat is convenient and allows businesses to send their selfies in the business world to show why consumers want their brand or product.

Quick & Efficient For Businesses

Selfies in the business world allow companies to stay current and send out information to their clients quickly and efficiently. As Business Insider said, “…Snapchat will utilize its live-events coverage and exclusive content to promote video communication among younger mobile audiences” ( With so many companies now using video platforms, Snapchat has found a way to compete fast-changing brands and consumers by targeting consumers using mobile videos. Snapchat on average has around 7 million viewers daily, almost the equivalent to Facebook. 

The movie, Neighbors 2, has chosen to use Snapchat as part of their marketing campaign. The movie pays for Snapchat ads, and additionaly, paid to have their own “geo-tag” for a day. The personalized geo-tag was a frame around the user’s picture that advertised Neighbors 2, and allowed the users to have fun with it. By using Snapchat, the movie was able to spread the word quickly, allow users to interact and create hype over the movie.

Snapchat, Selfies in the Business World

Selfies in the Business World define WHY Consumers Want a Brand

Consumers want a reason to buy a product or pick a certain brand, using selfies in the business world helps business’ answer the why. “…Presenting (information) in small blurbs makes it easier for Snapchat users to read and remember. Users are more likely to return to a site to check for more blurbs, which they will then piece together with pictorial information to determine whether they want to become a client” ( By giving the consumers a quick snapshot of information, the brand can keep the viewers attention and make it easy for them to come back for more. Snapchat’s post have a limited time span allowing the companies to continually post new information, but not overload the audience as most content is only watched once.  Selfies in the business world allow for companies to show their personality opposed to before where their clients just saw their brand and products. Snapchat is there for companies to target specific audiences and grow their client base. Snapchat allows companies to get creative and grow closer with their clients through common interests. These selfies in the business world will help companies strengthen client relationships and build up their brand recognition.