Get In The Game

What do I love about Super Bowl Sunday? The boys, the beer…oh yeah, and the bowl.

On this day I am usually more concerned about the location of the keg than the score of the game; but this year, however, I actually care about one of the teams playing….my San Francisco 49ers!

As a San Francisco native, I have taken my level of enthusiasm for professional sports from “whatever” to “LET’S GO BABY!” I can attribute this newfound vehemence to the success of our other sports teams, along with the overall excitement surrounding the Bay Area.

This year’s game is unique on a few levels. We’ve got some brotherly love (or shall I say, rivalry) between the Raven and 49er’s coaches. We’ve got a new fad among the social media universe known as, “Kaepernicking,” thanks to San Francisco’s studly quarterback. We have the game taking place in New Orleans, a week before the cities’ infamous Mardi Gras festivities begin. Yet the most paramount facet of this years’ Super Bowl is the Media that’s covering it.

Numerous articles, Twitter feeds, Facebook advertisements and blogs have promulgated the activities and athletes concerning this big game. In fact, they’re exposing these events more so than ever before. This is a fantastic thing! Not only is it a revenue booster for every social media platform- and the many businesses utilizing them- but also, it allows for public involvement in determining which news gets covered.

Rather than waiting for game day to see those captivating commercials, we’ve had the opportunity to be apart of which commercials will be aired. Companies like Doritos Inc., who came out with a “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign, allowed fans to vote for which commercial they want to see on game day. This kind of community and audience involvement not only generates more interest in the sporting event, but also represents the changing nature of media in our society.

Speaking of involvement, all my ladies out there who don’t have a clue what’s going on during a football game, have no fear! Due to the interactive role the media is playing, technology initiatives are stepping their game up too. Thanks to this, we’ve got more apps than ever before… I mean, how else did they think we’d stay connected?!

So ladies, I have found the latest and greatest apps that were fabricated to keep you in-the-know for every touchdown and play you will probably miss. Just saying.

  • HooteSuite syncs all your social media websites to one dashboard. Aka- you can engage your Twitter feed, Facebook timeline, and what the big news broadcasts are saying- all on one dashboard and all about the Super Bowl. Say adios to having multiple windows open, and get this app on your iPad or iPhone asap—AND its free!


  • Super Ads: Super Bowl Commercials allows you to see your favorite commercials during the season, and share them if you want. This app has an array of over 200 commercials, including ones from the last seven Super Bowls and the best all-time ads. Don’t want to scroll through a list of ads? No problem, this app has a search tool for that. Get this app and go find that hysterical Budweiser commercial from 2005.

Super ads

  • The Super Bowl Winners app is for those of you who want to impress the party with all the football knowledge you learnt five minutes ago. This is nice because when a boy starts recalling “the greatest play ever by Joe Montana” when you’re grabbing that second beer, you can respond logically as if you were at that infamous game.

super bowl winners

  • Foodies Recipes is the key to your man’s heart. This app provides a plethora of seasonal recipes for snacking, dipping, and sipping. If you’re the lady who’d rather sip on a cocktail and make the touchdown treats, this is the app you need to have already downloaded.

foodies inc