Tinder: The Latest and Greatest App

You might be wondering why I am writing about Tinder, or even what Tinder is. My friends, Tinder has taken the iPhone world by storm. Essentially Tinder is kind of like a dating site but more casual and with less investment.

Tinder uses the location of where you and your phone are located (you can determine what mile radius to set) and displays fellow Tinder users near you. It displays the image of that person, along with some basic information (shared interests, Facebook bio, shared friends, and 5 more picture of that person) which allows you to determine whether you want to “drag the photo left” and not be matched with that person or “drag the photo right” and potentially be matched with the person. Both users must “drag right” in order for a match to be made and to be able to chat with them via Tinder message.

Once you start chatting with someone it is up to you to determine what you want to do next. Some people friend the person on Facebook or give each other their numbers in order to begin texting, or in some cases if the person is “creepy” you have the option to block that person so they can no longer talk to you. Everyone loves it because it is so simple yet entertaining. Have you set up your Tinder account yet?