As Blogs Continue to Thrive, Twitter Makes its Descent

Has the blue bird lost its wings?

Today, the world of communications is expanding at a rapid pace. With more and more social media trends out there, Twitter is slowly moving out of the limelight. As its stock price just plummeted by 18%, people are worried because users aren’t signing up like they used to. Followers on Twitter are no longer interested in what you had for dinner or what airport you are delayed in. Created to be used for news and media updates, Twitter has become a target for patronization.

According to Reuters, ” Twitter Inc reported its slowest pace of user growth during the fourth quarter, dimming hopes that the social media phenomenon can sustain its torrid pace of expansion and wiping out more than 10 percent of its value.” With Facebook as their main competitor, the road ahead is not looking too promising for the Twitter birds.

Twitter and blogs go at it

Tweets and blogs go at it

As the younger generations continue to use and abuse social media outlets, bullying has increased within the last couple years, especially on Twitter. The social network is used as a self-esteem booster and a snark instigator. Twitter has transformed into a means of communication in order to attack others. In other words, it is enabling people to verbally attack others without face-to-face contact. Compressing expressions, thoughts, criticisms and opinions into 140 characters is losing it’s cool. This is a challenge which certainly contributes to the drop in stock.

Blogging gives you an infinite amount of space to get a point across in a unique and personal matter, while Twitter cuts you short. Reuters shares that, “Twitter, which lets users send 140-character messages through its mobile app or online, had a net loss of $511.5 million in the fourth quarter, widening significantly from a year earlier as it shelled out on its sales force, research and marketing.” With blogs becoming a dominant source of digital communication today, Twitter is losing its popularity in the social media world.