Bringing Photos Back into Frames

In the past few years, with the development of Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, and all the other digital photo sharing applications, printing out hard copy photographs has become less and less popular. Whether it is the inconvenience, since most of our pictures are taken from our phones these days, the cost, or just pure laziness, it is unfortunate that our photos are all stuck on a computer screen and the walls of our homes are standing bare.


When I moved into my new apartment in Dallas, I was excited to decorate and make my new place feel homey, which I planned to do with pictures. I tried to order my photos through the Costco online uploader, where they are sent right to Costco to be picked up, and it was the most tedious and difficult process ever. I never ended up getting my pictures developed.

In middle school and most of high school, I used a digital camera that I could simply plug into a computer at CVS and have my pictures printed immediately. Now, however, all of my pictures are stuck on my phone, and I just don’t want to deal with uploading them to my computer, making sure they’re the correct size, sending them to Costco through the annoying photo uploader, and then having to go and pick them up. Luckily, due to one episode of Shark Tank, I have found my solution.


GrooveBook is an application available for any smart phone, that makes printing photos easy, cheap, and convenient. For two dollars a month, you are able to upload up to 100 pictures from your phone directly onto the app, and in 10 business days, the photos are shipped right to your door. The little booklets to the right are examples of GrooveBook. The books can be used as photo albums, or each picture can be easily ripped out and but into a frame, as they are perforated and already the perfect size. This is the perfect solution to printing photos, as it really could not get any easier. The photos come in high quality on 4″x 6″¬†photo paper, and there are many different covers of the GrooveBook to choose from.

This invention can be used as a gift, personal item, and decoration, and for the low cost is absolutely worth it! I am an advocate of having developed photos, and now can happily say I will never have to use the Costco online uploader ever again.