Focusing on what is important

Once again it’s Friday, the end of the week! It’s the day that many have been waiting for since the week started, to relax and kickback with friends. For others, it is a day to reflect, to think about one’s accomplishments, and set goals for the future. 

Some of these goals may be getting a new job or a promotion in the workplace, starting a company, a new project or even resigning at one’s current workplace to explore other promising ventures. Achieving these goals, however, is easier said than done. In the early stages of developing a project, one might not get their expected result as soon as they hope, causing them to view the end-goal as something distant and impossible to achieve. Added stress from the week’s workload also causes some to lose focus on their objectives. As a result, many end up settling for what they already have.

Take a breath and think about the little steps and things that need to be accomplished to get closer to the goal. In other words, set a couple of small goals to feel some sense of accomplishment before getting to the main goal.  This will help to keep focus and determination.

Research shows that keeping a positive attitude and mindset can make the difference in achieving a goal. Listed below are a few suggestions that should be taken into consideration to help deal with stressful, overwhelming circumstances and to keep a general positive attitude.

  1. Have a clear vision of the goal         Having a clear vision of the goal to achieve will serve as a road map. It will show the little steps that have to be taken before reaching the goal. It’s important to have a clear vision or a plan that serves as a visual aid of the steps that should be taken. Furthermore, a road map helps to determine the different options and paths at one’s disposal to achieve the goal. If one way doesn’t work, surely there are other pathways to follow.
  2. Conquer your fears Starting new projects might seem scary at first, but in order to accomplish them one has to conquer their fears. Everyone has fears; it’s normal and it’s part of human nature. However, the difference between people that succeed and those who don’t is the inability to get through the obstacle of overcoming one’s fears.
  3. Persevere until you conquer Achieving a goal is a process: it takes time and dedication. Dedication and perseverance will lead one to his or her goals. At first, hard work and effort might not directly lead to visible results, but through perseverance and tenacity one will indeed accomplish their goals.In order to achieve one’s goals, it’s important to remain focused on the things that matter the most. One must not lose focus trying to fulfill someone else’s dream or taking a different pathway because of material success.