SocialBro is Your Homie

Here is an example of SocialBro's analysis for a company.

Here is an example of SocialBro’s analysis for a company.

SocialBro enhances a Twitter account’s productivity and utility through analytical, targeting, engaging, and managing features.¬†

In today’s ever-competitive social media market, companies are perpetually searching for the most up-to-date technology to increase their online presence. Popular application and programs include Hootsuite, Klout, and Social Mention, but SocialBro is an invaluable asset that would benefit any company. So what makes SocialBro rise above the rest?

Twitter is a form of social media that holds more potential than most companies are aware of. Targeting, segmenting, and analyzing the markets of people that business need is what SocialBro does best. Its sole purpose can be broken down into four parts: targeting the right audience, engaging with the community, analyzing and tracking your activity on Twitter, and managing your presence on Twitter.

SocialBro targets the specific target market of Tweeters that a business needs. To do that, a company must be knowledgeable and ¬†feel comfortable with Twitter. Researching and finding users that are relevant to the business, analyzing what competitors are doing, keeping track of hastags, keywords, and URL’s are crucial to determining a company’s status in social media and outlining how to grow and become more prominent.

Engaging with an online community requires incredible attention to detail and non-stop awareness of other businesses. SocialBro alleviates the stress of individuals wasting time researching. It optimizes the Twitter experience by providing the best times to tweet, what content is most relevant to followers, which language to post in, and the best way to strategically reveal campaigns. A vital part of SocialBro’s ability is identifying influencers, supporters, and tailoring relationships with followers. This information allows companies to make the most out of each Tweet and make sure each is seen by the most important people. Influencers who see the post will share it and interact with the business, which in turn, will then be spread to all of his or her followers.

SocialBro creates analyzes that express a business’ dashboard, present insights about followers, compare different accounts, and display powerful influence data. Allowing companies to see charts, graphs, and statistics of how interactions are progressing or regressing strengthens online presence.

Lastly, SocialBro optimizes a company’s Twitter account by combining all of the above features and actually implementing them for the account. Managing lists, browsing the Twitter community to stay up-to-date with trends, easing the process of following and unfollowing, and increasing the speed of communication with followers.

SocialBro is a company’s best friend, a homie, as some would say. It is essential for utilizing Twitter to its full potential and reigning all of the benefits that it has to offer.