San Francisco Newest Betch

Earlier this week I was thrilled to come across a fellow San Francisco gal with a witty sense of humor, who started a Facebook and Twitter account under the pseudonym, “Marina Girl Says.” Not only is she hysterical (to SF natives at least), she depicts the greatest parts of San Francisco’s Marina District in the sassiest way.

As I read her recent interview with San Francisco Magazine, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at my computer screen and ask myself why I didn’t think of this. I pulled one of my favorite quotes from the article where she discusses the lack of “Roman Numeral Men” in San Francisco:

SF: If you could solve one civic issue in SF, what would it be?

MGS: The clear lack of Roman Numeral Men in San Francisco. An example of a perfectly eligible candidate: S. Preston Patrick Buffington IV. There are a plethora of these men on the East Coast, but where are their West Coast counterparts? We need to import some RN men, stat.

If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you & I share a different sense of humor. Nonetheless, this sassy bachelorette has garnered quite the social media following. Some believe she is on the path to rival the popular Betches Luv This website & blog.

While she swears to never reveal her identity, I think her determined followers will soon uncover the lady behind the humor.

You can read the full article from the San Francisco Magazine here:

Who’s That (Marina) Girl?

Or follow her tweets: @MarinaGirlSays

If you’re lucky, she will even respond to your tweets. Just be careful because this diva is quick on her feet!

Stay tuned,