YouTube: Happily Ever After?

You’ve heard all of the great love stories. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They fall in love and live happily ever after. While this romantic phenomenon has been occurring everyday ever since the first humans walked the earth, the way this happens in today’s world has somewhat shifted.

Recently, a former United States solider arrived back in his home country after serving in the United States. Upon his return, he was asked to attend a formal event, the Military Ball. It dawned on him that as he had been gone for quite some time, it had also been a while since he had had any love interests, let alone asked a woman out on a date. His solution? YouTube.

He then took it upon himself to find his date through the popular social media channel that allows you to upload your own videos to share with anyone who ventures onto the site. Mustering up some courage and putting on his best charm, he created a video that immediately went viral.

Much to his excitement, who should stumble upon the video but none other than Miss Texas herself. She responded quickly and the two lived happily ever after. Well maybe not yet. But they did enjoy a fabulous party in the midst of each other’s company.

So, what does this tell us besides the fact that social media can get you a rock star of a date? The fact that one person has the ability to reach hundreds of thousands, and even catch the eyes of those who might even maintain celebrity-status is truly remarkable. From a corporate or personal standpoint, the digital world enables us to truly break limits that no one ever thought would be breakable years ago. We can market our brand on a global scale, see the latest news in seconds, or even find a date.