Facebook Friends Day Videos

On February 4th, Facebook had its 12th birthday declaring it national “Friends Day.” Facebook celebrated their birthday by releasing a new video that puts together photos of you and your friends. The release of this personal video montage started the first official Facebook Friends Day video illustrating the importance of friendships.

If you spent any time on Facebook on February 4th, odds are your news feed was filled with Friends Day videos. Friends Day is being celebrated by emphasizing the greatest moments you have had with your friends on the social media site.

Facebook Friends Day Video

At the top of your timeline you can edit, watch and share the personalized Friends Day video with all of your Facebook friends. If you dislike the photos Facebook selects for you, you may edit the video and pick alternative new photos. After choosing the photos you want in the video, you can share it with all your Facebook friends. Also, if you do not wish to share the video with all of your Facebook friends you can keep the video private. The slideshow of photos creates a video photo album highlighting special moments with your friends. It is a good way to look back at old photos, comments and captions from your friends reminding you of your past memories. 

Facebook adding this new feature made Friends Day take off. The hashtag #FriendsDay was trending on the social media platform. People took their feelings to Twitter on their thoughts about the new Friends Day video. Some people criticized the video for Facebook’s poor selection of photos because it brought up bad memories like users ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. While other people were happy about the photos that were chosen for their video because it reminded them of the special moments with their best friends. 

Make sure to look at your Facebook Friends Day video to see you and your best friends greatest moments and memories celebrating the year. Also, make sure to share the video with the hashtag #FriendsDay.

For more information about Facebook’s Friends Day, check out Mark Zuckerberg’s post: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10101889611150901