How Your Brand Can Successfully Utilize Twitter

Six ways your business can improve customer engagement through Twitter.

how your brand can successfully utilize twitter

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When Twitter launched onto the scene in 2006, no one expected 140 characters to make as much of an impact as they have. Businesses everywhere are pushing out content through Twitter constantly, working to build their brand and attract attention. No matter what your business is, you can improve your Twitter usage to masterfully generate more of a buzz around the brand you have created. Follow these six tips to learn how your brand can successfully utilize twitter:

  1. Respond quickly: With only 140 characters available, don’t think too hard and just get your audience the info they need as soon as possible.
  2. Be consistent: Post at similar times everyday so your customers know when to expect it and make sure your content has a consistent feel to it. This translates into graphics with consistent looks and filters as well.
  3. Utilize hashtags: Hashtags were created to make topics more searchable and will amplify the exposure you receive.
  4. Retweet great content: By supporting other businesses, you are not only forming stronger relationships with them, but also showing your ties to other brands. This reflects back to who are at the core, so think about what and who you are retweeting!
  5. Acknowledge your loyal tweeters: Notice a trend in who is always favoriting or retweeting your tweets? Doesn’t hurt to give them a thank you in a form of a discount, free goodie or special shout out on Twitter!
  6. Use graphics: Pictures will engage your audience and cause them to be more likely to retweet.

By actively following these steps to broadcast to followers that your business cares, you will see an increase in engagement, which should translate to your overall business results. With these six simple tweaks to Twitter, your business can improve customer engagement and successfully utilize Twitter for all its worth.