Instagram’s Best Shopping Tool

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly where your favorite blogger got her boots from? Or where you can buy that cool bag she is holding in her Instagram photo? Now you can- thanks to aka Instagram’s best shopping tool Instagram's Best Shopping Tool lets you shop your favorite Instagrams from your favorite bloggers by liking the photo.

In three simple steps you can have all the product information sent straight to your inbox: Look below at the three images to learn how to use Instagram’s best shopping tool Instagram's Best Shopping Tool

1. Sign up at Instagram's Best Shopping Tool

2. Like Instagram photos with links Instagram's Best Shopping Tool

3. Get an email with ready to shop product details

Once you like the photo, within five minutes you will receive an email with links to all the items the blogger is wearing. If it’s an old item no longer for sale, there will most likely be a link to something similar. The great thing is that bloggers usually provide a link to a less expensive product that still looks very similar.

Instagram’s Best Shopping Tool- launched in 2014 as an extension to RewardStyle, a wonderful tech platform created by SMU alum Amber Venz Box.

amber-venz-box-reward-style-2, Instagram's Best Shopping Tool

Amber Venz Box, Co-Founder, RewardStyle &

RewardStyle makes it possible for bloggers to monetize on their hard work. When bloggers post an outfit, they receive unique links to track commissions once readers click and buy.

The typical ‘personal shopper’ model was turned digital and became something benneifical for everyone. Bloggers are able to make money, companies are profiting more and you are saving hours of shopping time.

The Instagram page is constantly changing and a fun way to keep up with your favorite bloggers. Sometimes bloggers will take over the Instagram for the day and give you a peak into their daily life, travels, and shopping adventures. Keep an eye out for #LTKTuesdayTakeOver

You’ll never have to ask, “where did you get that” again! This is the next generation of shopping and the most efficient way to save money and time, while still looking fabulous. Happy Shopping!

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