Social Media Improves Political Campaigns

The 2016 presidential campaigns are in full swing, and social media improves political campaigns. Social media is an easy tool for candidates to get their message out there and find ways to reach larger audiences. As Campaign On says, “56% of Americans currently have a profile on a social media site… And with 22% of Americans using social media several times a day, it is no wonder that businesses, non-profits, and even politicians have begun to utilize social media” (  Social media improves political campaigns by allowing candidates to show off their personality and their campaign.

Social media improves political campaigns by allowing the public to stay up to date on all things campaign (events, ideas, etc). Social media has found a way to make society feel connected with their politicians. Relenet explains, “the loyalty of the users of social network communities is extremely high as the analysis of a vast number of social network communities’ has proven. Users check their messages, upcoming events or blogs and hence log in regularly – they keep in touch with you and your campaign community” (

Social Media Increases Political Campaigns

Society today is constantly on the go and social media is an easy way for politicians to grab the attention of their target audience.  Each politician has their own account and social media improves political campaigns by helping win over their current and future potential voters.