New Instagram Analytics Could be the Key For Better Business

Instagram’s decision to stop posts from appearing in chronological order back in 2016 sent shockwaves through the digital world. One of the first companies to ever promote the use of an algorithm, Instagram claimed to know what content users wanted to see by analyzing their interactions on the app. There has never been much explanation as to how the algorithm works, why it makes certain posts appear before others, or why it stops particular content from showing on user’s feeds… until now. The new Instagram analytics tool displays the accounts users most and least frequently interact with in two separate categories, making the once incomprehensible algorithm just slightly more user-friendly.

Screenshot of Instagram's new tool

How Does Instagram’s New Analytics Tool Categorize Followers?

Based on data Instagram gathers over a 90 day period, the feature uses calculations to determine what accounts belong to the “Least Interacted With” category, or the “Most Shown in Feed” category. The groups are based off of user actions such as reacting to stories and liking posts. To the benefit of all influencers, youtubers and fashionistas, the new Instagram analytics gadget can help Instagrammers everywhere understand why the company’s algorithm prioritizes certain posts over others. In doing so, this new addition highlights accounts who don’t show on the algorithm-based feeds in the first place. Leading the path to the “unfollow” button, this is Instagram’s way of justifying user’s decisions to cut ties.

How Can Follower Categories Help Your Business?

The new Instagram analytics tool has the capacity to accomplish much more than the detection of non-essential accounts on user profiles. The tool’s ability to identify weak relationships can help businesses recognize the audiences they need to engage with more frequently. By targeting accounts with the least amount of engagement, companies can widen their demographics and better understand their consumers. In the same manner, users now have the opportunity to see what companies they follow, but need to get more involved with, if they wish to have those company’s posts on their feeds. This new Instagram analytics addition can support both businesses and consumers in learning and sharing information with one another, overall decreasing the likelihood of Instagram’s algorithm concealing company posts on loyal customer’s feeds.

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