The Perks of Having a Roommate Post-Grad

Whether we like it or not, we all have to graduate from college and enter the real world. For some, this transition is easy and effortless, but that isn’t always the case. A big part of that transition is deciding whether you want to live with a roommate. So, I’m here to lay out why I think having a roommate post-grad is a smart move.

Having a roommate is cost-effective.

This graphic by SmartAsset shows how much money can be saved by living with a roommate in various cities.

Okay, y’all, let’s be real. Unless you’re one of the few chosen ones, most jobs right out of graduation aren’t the highest paying jobs in the world. On top of that, there is now the added expense of paying for food, housing and countless other costs by yourself. These costs can especially add up if you’re moving to a big city.

But, living with a roommate after graduation can help with at least one of those expenses and lower the cost of renting an apartment, house or other housing. According to an article by SmartAsset, living with a roommate can anywhere from $1,000 to $200 in America’s 50 most expensive cities.

Living with someone post-grad can make the transition smoother.

Just like entering college freshman year required a transition phase, graduating does, too. No matter if it’s undergraduate, graduate, law school or more, transitioning from school to work-life can be difficult. Suddenly you’re not going to class every day and may not be able to see your friends from school every day like you used to. So, living with a roommate who is also experiencing the same changes can make that journey easier and less stressful.

Your roommate can help expand your professional network.

My final argument for finding a roommate after graduation is the potential benefits to your professional growth.

As a young professional, making connections and building a professional network is crucial to finding job opportunities, mentorships and more.

If your roommate works in the same industry or field as you or not, great! It always helps to have a friend to attend networking and work events with. But if not, keep an open mind. I’m a firm believer in having connections across industries and professions and expanding horizons beyond what I already know.