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Pinterest’s co-founder and head of Pinterest’s products wrote about the new Pinterest features, specifically the Lens feature, in a recent blog post. “Pinterest [has] developed new experimental technology that, for the first time ever, is capable of seeing the world the way you do. Now there’s a way to discover ideas without having to find the right words to describe them first.”


Lens accesses your camera, allowing you to upload personal photos. You can see your idea come to life without having to search for it. Once uploaded, you can add descriptive tags to describe your photo. For example, if you uploaded a picture of a basket of strawberries, you could describe it with “fruit,” “red,” “sweet,” or “food.” A recent AdWeek article further explains Lens’ ability to “delivers search results that display the subject in finished projects.” This innovation will change how you think about your original ideas. You can see the result, without having to do the research and search for it.

Circle in right-hand corner of each pin offers Instant Ideas, one of the new Pinterest features, for pinners to see pins similar to the original pin.

New Pinterest features: Instant Ideas

Instant Ideas:

Once the picture is uploaded and saved, you can use the Instant Ideas to see similar pins to what you’re viewing. The white circle on the bottom, right-hand corner of each pin gives you the option to view pins similar to your original pin. You can use this for repinned or original pins uploaded through the Lens feature. This is just one of the exciting, new Pinterest features.

Shop the Look:

All of the new additions to Pinterest aim to make the pinning experience more accessible and directive. In addition to the Lens and Instant Ideas features, Shop the Look lets pinners go to the website where they can purchase pieces from an outfit or furniture and home decor that they liked. It has never been easier to track down your favorite pieces. No having to comb through sites to find them. Shop the Look will send you right where you want to be.

Pinterest has become a social network sensation. Millions of users have dowloaded and use the app daily, just like you do. You can more easily utilize their original ideas by uploading them through Lens. You can view similar pins to what they are already viewing, without having the separately search for them. Finally, you can visit the site for that dress that you just can’t live without easier than ever before. The new Pinterest features will make your Pinterest experience better than ever before.

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