The Beyoncé Social Media Bowl

One of my dreams this year was for the Saints to go to the Super Bowl, but unfortunately that did not happen. Another dream I have always had was to see Beyoncé perform. I have always had a big love for Beyoncé. I love her and her music. Seeing her dance and sing like she can was amazing to watch. If I could be Beyoncé, I would! Like me, many other people LOVE Beyoncé as it was made very clear from all the traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Beyoncé stole the show!

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram blew up with messages and photos about anything but football. There were a record total of 30.6 million comments about Beyoncé’s performance on Twitter and Facebook.  By the end of the night, Beyoncé’s outstanding performance was the second most mentioned moment on Facebook ever. Instagram reported over 200 photos PER SECOND were posted of Beyoncé and of her reunion with former band mates. Her reunion with Destiny’s Child was the eighth most discussed moment on Facebook and had a total of 275,500 tweets sent per minute. It is to say the least that Internet users love Beyoncé!

Beyoncé’s performance killed it and it was joked about that it might have killed the lights as well. There was also a lot of talk about the blackout over social media outlets as well. People were thinking her performance was so awesome and extravagant that she might have taken out the power.  Beyoncé’s performance and the blackout have gone down in social media history as one of the most memorable moments.