Valentine’s Day with MasterCard is #Priceless

MasterCard uses sky-writing to promote its social media campaign "I love you" written across the sky

As part of its Priceless Surprises campaign, MasterCard is giving 12 lucky cardholders the opportunity to write their love messages across the sky this Valentine’s Day.  Cardholders simply must use the hashtag #PricelessSurprises when posting to Twitter.  MasterCard will then randomly select cardholders in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego to receive a free sky-writing experience.

Additionally, MasterCard has paired with Uber for the day to give users a special Valentine’s Day surprise.  A limited number of Uber app users will have the opportunity to purchase a one day promotion, UberSky.  This promotion will allow users in select cities to purchase a sky-writing experience for only $500, a service valued at $10,000.  As a continuation of its Priceless Surprises campaign, MasterCard will then waive the $500 fee for MasterCard cardholders who took advantage of the UberSky promotion.

But wait…there are more Priceless Surprises planned!  MasterCard will pay for the rides of 2,000 Uber users on Valentine’s Day.  Additionally, in keeping with the Valentine’s festivities, the company is giving away free love songs on

Moreover, as part of its continuing campaign, social media users who utilize the hashtag #PricelessSurprises on both Twitter and Instagram will be entered for a chance to win either headphones or tickets to see Justin Timberlake live in London.

Chief Marketing Officer at MasterCard, Raja Rajamannar, explains that the Priceless Surprises social media campaign is “all about novelty” and “getting consumers to engage with our brand.”  Allen Adamson, managing director at Landor Associates, believes MasterCard’s sky-writing social media push is quality brand promotion.  He explains, “The ‘Priceless’ brand idea lends itself well to social media,” because “if the winners each have 1,000 followers, it will be $10,000 well spent.”

MasterCard is definitely smart to take advantage of social media this Valentine’s Day.  By appealing to a variety of consumers, this public relations and marketing campaign is sure to be a hit.



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  1. That is so interesting. It sounds like such a creative and fun way for MasterCard to continue promoting their brand. I wonder how it worked and if there are any stories on the winners.

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