Excel in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for Digital Communications

In the 21st century, social media is essential for success! PR firms are often asked, “Which platform should I use? For what? What are the benefits of each platform?” Keep reading to find out information one should know when using Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for professional digital communications.


Facebook is one of the many platforms that is used for social networking. When writing a Facebook update for an organization it is important to think from the mindset of being an organization- not an individual. Facebook is a great tool when wanting to influence a targeted audience, since it has many facets. Facebook is the primary channel to reach older audiences. However, the fact that millennials and Gen Z have lost trust in the platform is a major challenge for professionals in digital communications. 


Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) is another platform that is used for social networking. Instagram has many features that are certain to increase engagement for an organization. Instagram is especially vital for success if the targeted audience is younger. The app is all about high quality photos and short captions that are both memorable and searchable. Instagram followers love to feel that they are receiving “backstage” and personable content. While the demographic for Instagram tends to skew younger, it is important that no matter who the intended audience is; that the profile has a balance of fun, personal and promotional content. Make the brand unique and inspiring for Instagram followers- this will likely increase engagement! Also, don’t forget those hashtags! 


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for public relations and communications professionals to network and “sell” their professional brand. When on LinkedIn it is crucial to remember that the platform is all business all the time and how users interact with their LinkedIn audience must reflect this. While the demographic for LinkedIn is individuals in the work world, it is important that one shares content that will strengthen their reputation- an exciting internship acceptance for example! LinkedIn is not the platform to share personal opinions or to discuss politics. The individuals who are reading LinkedIn posts are often recruiters, peers within the industry or competitors.

These tips are sure to help one excel in their professional use of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. No matter what platform you use- engagement is key! Come back next week to find out more about other popular social media platforms within digital communications!