How to Disable Filters and Apply Backgrounds on Zoom

When the pandemic first started, schools, institutions, and organizations adopted Zoom as a means of meeting online. Over the past year, we have seen and heard many embarrassing stories about users with their microphone or camera on, users stuck with virtual face filters, and users who had nonsense going on in their backgrounds. We can obtain professionalism on Zoom with more robust user knowledge. Here is how to disable filters and apply backgrounds on Zoom so you can avoid embarrassment in your next interview or meeting:

Is your lawyer a cat?

This week, a lawyer appeared as a white kitten on Zoom for a live court proceeding in Texas. He had logged on to Zoom from his assistant’s laptop, which his assistant’s daughter had previously used to play with Zoom filters. Attorney Rob Poston announced that he could move forward with the hearing as a cat, but he eventually got the filter off with guidance from his assistant and the judge.

Face filters on Zoom are fun to play with, but before you log onto your next important meeting, make sure that the filters are disabled.

How to disable filters on Zoom:

  1. Hover your mouse over Stop Video. 
  2. Click on the upwards carrot next to Stop Video.
  3. Click on Choose Video Filter. 
  4. Select None. 

What does your Zoom background say about you?

Do you feel like you have a dark cloud looming over you when you are on Zoom? It might be the enormous dark-colored oil painting in the background above your head. You could solve that problem by taking the oil painting down or moving to a different location in your home. But what about the inevitable and unexpected distractions that come from your background?

If your goal is to keep your home-life private or keep your audience free from the unavoidable distractions in your background, Zoom backgrounds can help. Zoom backgrounds act as a green screen to help other users focus on you and take away minor distractions. Zoom backgrounds add an element of fun or professionalism. Make sure not to choose a background that is too distracting, which would defeat the purpose of a Zoom background. Zoom backgrounds are not hard to find; you can select one of your photos, search for “Zoom backgrounds,” or choose one of these to download:

Book Shelf Zoom Background

After you have chosen a professional background, here is how to apply it on Zoom:

  1. Hover your mouse over Stop Video. 
  2. Click on the upwards carrot next to Stop Video. 
  3. Click on Choose Virtual Background.
  4. Click on the plus sign to add an image or video. 
  5. Upload the image or video you want to use as your background.

Before your next meeting, check your Personal Meeting Room.

If you are worried that a filter or a non-professional background was recently used your computer, enter into your Personal Meeting Room on Zoom and disable filters and apply backgrounds to meet your professional standards.