Five Ways To Increase Twitter Followers

Most of us are not celebrities that just get an instant Twitter following, we have to work for our followers. Here are five quick and easy ways you can increase Twitter followers:

1) Stay on-topic and on-trend

  • If you focus on sharing what people care about, people will become more interested and want to see what you have to say. Therefore, more users will start following your Twitter account because they are interested in the same topic as you. 

2) Tweet consistently

  • If you only tweet a few times a week, start tweeting a few times a day. Becoming a more active Twitter account will increase your visibility on Twitter. The more you tweet, the higher your chances are to get noticed by more users. Therefore, you will experience an increase in Twitter followers. Keep in mind not to clog users feeds by over-tweeting. 

3) Use hashtagsincrease Twitter followers

  • Including hashtags in tweets will increase the
    number of people seeing your tweet. Find ways to tweet using a trending hashtag to stay relevant and in the conversation. Remember, do not use Twitter hashtags in excess in your tweet. Just do a few per a tweet because a lot of hashtags makes your tweet too busy and people will not read it thinking it is spam.

4) Retweet and share other users tweets

  • This will help develop relationships with your Twitter followers. Responding to people who are interested in similar content will grow your following. You can also increase Twitter followers by using the retweet button, making a commit on the Twitter post, or favorite the Twitter post. This will show your engagement and the user will notice and most likely follow back.

5) Ask questions

  • Asking questions is one of the best ways to create engagement on your Twitter account. Everyone loves to share their opinions, so questions are the perfect way to get people involved. This will increase Twitter followers by creating conversation with users.

Following these five tricks will grow your Twitter following, so keep engaging and you will see great results.

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