Uber Sends Puppy Love for Valentine’s Day

In need of a break during your long work day? Uber is here for you. At the touch of a button, people were able to receive puppy love in various cities as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat last week. The ride-sharing service teamed up with various animal shelters to melt your hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day.Uber Sends Puppy Love Valentine's Day

Uber has added a fluffy, playful feature to its application by offering puppies for a limited time. The company provided puppies last week in various cities to raise awareness for animal shelters. Uber has used this marketing mechanism before to promote Animal Planet’s annual “Puppy Bowl” on Super Bowl Sunday. Uber Puppies has also promoted animal shelters around the nation in the past and sent puppies to college campuses for study breaks.

Uber continued the puppy love tradition last week for a pre-Valentine’s Day pick-me-up by delivering puppies to offices. Uber teamed up with animal shelters in multiple cities, such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Cincinnati, Milwaukee and more. All you need is the Uber app, live in one of the designated cities, and 30 dollars for 15 minutes of fun! Uber teamed up with the SPCA of Texas, League for Animal Welfare, Secondhand Hounds and other shelters to raise awareness. Each city was assigned a day to have puppy playtime. To request puppies in the future on Uber Puppies days:

  • Uber Sends Puppy Love Valentine's DayOpen the Uber app at the designated puppy time
  • Request the “PUPPIES” option, or enter the code UberPuppyLove depending on your city
  • Enjoy 15 minutes of puppy love!

On Uber Puppies days, the company suggests having an enclosed space in your office for the puppies and to make sure no one is allergic. Uber Puppies is only available for offices and only delivers puppies on designated days. Uber supports the animal shelters when you request puppies, donating a portion of the 30 dollar payment. This feature is an effective way to relax at work while benefiting animal shelters. Keep up with Uber’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates and information on Uber Puppies.