Social Media Has Made Us Less Social

Social Media Uses Everyone

The advancements in technology and social media that expand every single day have made the world a more connected place, but it has made a major disconnect. People are more and more disconnected every time Apple releases a new iPhone or the next new tech toy. In some ways, communication is kept alive by all of the new technology. It is great for when loved ones and business associates are overseas but technology has made a gap in a personal connection. You may have Wi-Fi and are “connected” but we are not actually listening to one another.

Social media disconnection

The Idea of Listening

Listening is a concept everyone is taught at a very early age. Instructions are given and people are to do what they are told to do. According to Merriam-Webster, “listening is to hear something with thoughtful attention; give consideration.” The act of listening is not only to physically hear what someone is saying but to understand what they are trying to convey to you. This skill is especially important to communication professionals.

Social media connections drive personal disconnections

Listening and Communicating are Essential

From a business outlook, active listening and effective communication are imperative to success. In advertising, you must listen to your publics to provide a compelling campaign to sell or promote new products or services. Public relations professionals must listen to your client’s publics to understand the perceived notions of your client. In any industry, the power of listening and communicating together provides the most impactful skillset any professional may obtain.

You must use these skills to enhance the power of social media, but you cannot forget about personal, real connections. Those are more important than any likes, retweets, or social connections you could ever receive.