The Dark Side of Blogging: Privacy and Security for Influencers

Over 66% of marketers incorporated bloggers into their social media strategy in 2017.  Bloggers evolved from part-time hobbyists to powerful influencers running online empires. Top influencers sit front row at New York Fashion Week, receive free merchandise from mega brands and travel around the world. However, living in the public eye is not always as perfect as it seems. Many influencers face serious safety and security problems. Here are some of the issues with privacy and security for influencers.

Privacy and Security for InfluencersStalkers

Similar to any public figure, influencers need to be aware of stalkers. Influencers show followers where they eat, what they wear and more. Stalkers easily determine influencer’s location through this constant stream of real-time updates. Influencers should turn off all location settings ensuring no hacker discovers the influencer’s location through their phone.

Online Harassment

Online trolls use the comment section as an avenue to bully and harass top influencers. Influencers expect to receive negative feedback. However, there is a fine line between criticism and bullying.   By not responding to rude comments, influencers reduce the harasser’s power. Additionally, influencers should block negative followers and delete offensive comments.

Location Privacy

Many influencers check-in to various locations on social media. This advertises to thieves when their home is empty. Bloggers should never check-in online and post with a delay. For example, post pictures from a weekend trip the following week.

Identity Fraud

Finally, by posting personal information to a wide audience online, influencers risk identity fraud. Online stalkers use information from the blog to access influencers’ personal finances and bank accounts. An identity thief employs this information to open credit cards in the influencer’s name and access bank accounts. Influencers should use a private domain. By using a private domain, the influencer’s personal contact information will not be disclosed on the public database.

The issues with privacy and security for influencers are often not realized by followers. By taking extra precautionary steps, influencers prevent infringement on their private lives.