The Power of Podcasts

The power of podcasts for today’s modern publisher is immense. The popularity of podcasts continues to grow as well, due to consumers turning away from screen-based entertainment and desiring greater mobility that podcasts allow for. For publishers and content creators, podcasts are a great way to expand the reach of your brand and diversify your content, while at the same time winning over new audiences and generating advertising revenues.

The Power of Podcasts

Low cost

The most successful podcasts only require a high quality microphone and some advance planning. Your listeners are tuning in instead of watching video content because they want a different type of entertainment experience. Do you want to entertain them? Teach them something? Prepare in advance to deliver your audience the best content.

Larger Reach

The power of podcasts is strong because of its immense audience reach. Over 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast, with the average listener subscribing to six different podcast channels and tuning in to about five shows per week. However, the biggest differentiator of podcasts against other forms of social media, such as live video, is that 85 percent of listeners listen through the entire show, or most of it before logging off.

Lasting content

Every single episode your brand creates may not be evergreen content, but the power of podcasts is that they have a longer “shelf-life” than other types of posts. Unlike Snapchat stories or Instagram Live videos, podcasts will live forever on your channel for fans to find them. Try to pick topics that are timely, but will also stand the test of time.


Not only are podcasts inexpensive to produce, but, if successful, they can be large generators of advertising and sponsorship dollars. The average CPM for a popular podcast is between $20 to $45, compared to $1 to $20 for web advertising and $5 to $20 for TV ads.

Like any other marketing technique, there is no simple plan to follow for success. However, the current power of podcasts makes it a great tool for publishers to create new content. With proper due diligence and monitoring, your brand can use the power of podcasts to your advantage.