Changing the Way We Give

Compassion for HumanityCrowdfunding is an online pooling of individuals who donate money for a cause or project presented by other individuals or groups. One man and his wife took a different perspective on the phenomenon. Together they created the world’s first ever non-profit crowdfunding website to help individuals around the world. Compassion for Humanity is the first ever non-profit crowdfunding website. A person will post a photo and description of a person who needs help, whether it be a damaged roof, a medical bill, or anything else, and anyone around the world will donate money to support the cause. Once the funds are collected, Compassion for Humanity processes the money and sends the individual or group a check. All gifts are tax deductible too!  Just go to and see the difference you can make in someone’s world today.

So what does this mean for companies? It is even easier to promote your personal charities and causes. Creating a webpage for a certain cause linked to your own website will drive more traffic to your non-profit and make it easier for consumers to donate.

I strongly encourage everyone to check out the site in the next few weeks. It is revolutionary for the non-profit world and the ease of giving is much greater. Just click and help. Every dollar helps.