Get Your Parking Tickets ‘Fixed’ With New App

Screenshots of Fixed, the parking ticket app

Screenshots curtesy of Fixed and CNN.

We’ve all wondered whether we could miraculously navigate traffic laws to successfully dispute a totally undeserved parking ticket. Fixed, hitting the app store this week, aims to aid those who feel the wrath of the meter-maid and want to fight the injustice of unfair parking tickets. While parking tickets can be infuriating and expensive, Fixed not only helps you fight a parking ticket, it actually submits the legal paperwork for you. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

After finding an unfortunate yellow slip on your windshield, snap a picture of your ticket in the Fixed app then enter your violation code. Fixed’s team of legal team, experts who know and understand parking rules, will review the parking ticket and give you the percent chance of beating the ticket and the amount of money you can save by contesting it.  After clicking contest, Fixed presents the ground under which you can contest the parking ticket. After choosing between incidents like broken meter, curb paint faded, or signs missing or unclear, Fixed may instruct you to take additional photos of the signs or meters to help your case. You sign your contest letter then Fixed goes the rest! The legal experts review your case then mail your contest letter to the city for you.

While the app is free, if Fixed gets you out of a parking ticket, it charges 25% of the ticket fine. But if Fixed can’t help you beat the ticket, you don’t pay a dime. Well, you’ll probably pay quite a few dimes to the city.

Fixed’s ingenious service is only available in San Francisco, for now. Fixed’s co-founders David Hegarty, David Sanghera, and DJ Burdick want to expand into the top 100 U.S. cities in the next 18 months. They have high hope to achieve this by learning more about what methods and errors have the best success rates when contesting tickets. Fixed currently boasts a 50% success rate.

And if Fixed succeeds, Hegarty says they might even expand into speeding tickets. That’s a day we’ll all be looking forward to.

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