New e-Book Hits the Stands in the Digital Communication World

What’s the next biggest trend in the digital world?

The e-Book. GovDelivery, the leading public communication solution that offers an automated e-mail and digital subscription management platform to government, announced the availability of “What’s Next,” a complimentary e-book that identifies key trends in digital communications. GovDelivery enables government organizations to connect with more people, and get those people to take action. More than 1,000 government organizations use their communications platform to reach over 60 million people. GovDelivery shares tips and strategies for public sector communicators to capitalize on these trends to achieve mission results.

The key to staying connected - is GovDelivery

The key to staying connected – is GovDelivery

According to the CEO of GovDelivery Scott Burns, “Digital communication is growing and changing everywhere and public sector communicators are faced with the daunting task of staying on top of trends to ensure the effective and efficient communication of information. Our work with more than 1,000 government organizations puts us in a unique position to witness the growth and development of digital communications in the public sector and to envision how technological advancements may impact this sector.”

In an era where new information can go viral in seconds, government organizations are competing for the publics attention on a platform of different devices. GovDelivery’s main focus is to put the power of social and digital media into the public’s hands by engaging in proactive communication solutions. They implement that connecting with others is a vital tactic in order to communicate with others on the network. 

The e-Book encourages people to keep up with the trends and the technological advancements that continue to suffocate us in the digital communication world. Digital communications has maneuvered its way into being an integral part of the business community as well. It is lucrative in today’s environment to stay informed and up to date with the digital world in order to communicate effectively.