Snoball: Turn any action into a donation

Donations to charities and non-profits are the main reason many of them are still running.  However, many times people do not donate as often as they could or do not donate at all because they may feel that their small contribution will not make an impact.

However, a new platform on the internet is allowing people to donate money in a very creative way and it is giving them an opportunity to donate much more than just their money.  Snoball, is an application that helps cause marketing and helps donors market the charity of their choice with their friends.

As a phone application, Snoball helps nonprofits, businesses and individuals fundraise for a cause close to their heart.  The way it works is simple yet creative and free!

As an individual you make a rule and every time you follow your rule, you get money to the charity of your choice.   For example, you could make a rule like:

Every time you check in and follow that rule your account charges you $5 and donates it to your charity.  You are also able to invite your friends to follow this rule and every time they check in to a coffee shop another $5 are donated.  Not only can your friends donate, but strangers as well!  They simply browse through various rules and follow the one they want.

So how does Snoball make a profit?  They only charge .03 cents out of each dollar that is donated through this site.  For many charities, only a small percentage is given to their cause but with Snoball, .97 cents out of a dollar go into the charity of your choice.

It’s simple, fast and may even be addictive for some, but it is all for a good cause.  Snoball literally has a snow ball effect that has the potential to raise thousands of dollars for several charities.

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