How Kim Kardashian Perfected Personal Branding

She started as a reality TV star. Now, she is arguably the most famous and influential woman in the world. But what is it that makes her so successful? Kim Kardashian perfected personal branding with social media engagement, savvy business and successful marketing.

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Kim Kardashian has built an entire empire for her family. How? Here are two simple tips you can take from Kardashian about personal branding for your own business:

Use your network to help build your business. 

Kim Kardashian grabbed the media’s attention by leveraging her network. Kardashian was initially recognized in the media by her friendship with Paris Hilton. She then went on to make a sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J in 2003. The tape was leaked in 2007. Later that year, her family began the first season of their highly successful reality TV series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. By leveraging her B-list celebrity friends, Kardashian was eventually able to draw the spotlight to herself.

After gaining the spotlight, Kardashian perfected personal branding by establishing partnerships within her new network. For example, in January 2011, Kardashian partnered with billionaire jeweler Pascal Mouawad to create a jewelry line that was sold in top department and specialty stores.

Distinguish your brand from others.

It is important that you use a unique selling proposition. Although there are more straightforward ways to do so, Kardashian was able to generate a unique selling proposition with the release of her sex tape with Ray J. After determining your unique selling proposition, you must define your brand. Kardashian knew that her following on social media would significantly increase following the sex tape scandal. But she didn’t want this to be all she’s known for. She used her social media accounts to establish herself as a businesswoman and fashion icon.

Your unique selling proposition distinguishes you from the competition. It will kick start your social media engagement. Once this step is successfully completed, you can establish and define the voice of your brand. From there, you can grow your brand’s content marketing in a cohesive way.